Hannah Louve Benedum

How did you get into music & how did you end up in QTTF?

I’ve been in love with music ever since I can remember. Apparently I started singing before I started talking :D When I was around 15 I started playing in, let’s face it, terrible metalcore bands with my friends just for the fun of it and slowly delved into the whole Punk/DIY scene. I grew up within that cosmos and slowly I started doing more with the band I was in at the time and we started playing small tours around the country. That’s when I found my passion for booking and tour management. I was doing music journalism around that time but I wasn’t really happy with where it was taking me. Being on tour was just so much more fun so I applied for a traineeship at a booking agency where I managed to peek into the music industry more. I’ve been following QTTF for a couple of years and always loved their way of communicating things and the passion behind their whole philosophy. When I saw that they were looking for people to join the team I immediately jumped at it and the rest is history, I guess.

Photo: Hannah Louve Benedum

What do you think makes QTTF unique among artist management/touring companies?

I think it’s the sheer amount of different experiences, good and bad, we all made while working in the industry and being part of our respective scenes. We all had different upbringings and issues within the DIY scene but we all came to the same conclusion, that things need to change. The uncompromising way QTTF works with their artists and everyone else to create a safer space for everyone involved is what made me interested in working with them in the first place, because I’ve seen first-hand that this approach works and everyone involved notices that. I want to have a certain level of transparency and emotional investment in my work with artists and I feel like I am able to provide that with QTTF.

What’s your current favourite band?

Well, it’s currently really cold and snowy at the time of writing this so I’m heavily back into Daughter at the moment. Just like emo the sad indie gal life is not a phase, mom! Also I’m heavily into Circa Survive and Pianos Become The Teeth but that’s not really seasonal :D

Name your top 3 records of all time.

This one’s harder than life itself, how could you do this to me!!
Ok, here goes:
3: Now, Now - Thread
2: Tigers Jaw - Spin
1: Pianos Become The Teeth - Keep You


Name 3 marginalized music industry people you look up to.

In no particular order because I stan them all equally: