Maja Liv Groves

Maja Liv Groves Press Photo. Credits - Maja Liv Groves

Photo: Maja Liv Groves

How did you get into music & how did you end up in QTTF?

I started playing guitar when I was 15, and quickly formed my first band with mates from school - a Green Day cover band (lol). We were horrible but it was loads of fun and just the perfect entry into music and DIY culture. From there, I just never stopped playing in bands, and quickly discovered my interest in the behind-the-scenes aspects of music too. Organically, I started doing social media/marketing for friends here, booked a couple shows for friends there, and realized this was something I genuinely enjoyed. I loved being a part of DIY music - until I came out as a trans woman. All of a sudden I was not treated with the same respect anymore, and started feeling very uncomfortable in all these venues and spaces that had felt like home.. The frustration from this drove me to start a touring company that would prioritize young trans people and other marginalized people coming after me and give them a better experience than I’d had. And now here we are!

What do you think makes QTTF unique among artist management/touring companies?

I think QTTF is luckily not unique in its focus on marginalized artists & advocacy for safer spaces, there are several similar agencies that came up in the last years (great examples are Lost+Found, VH MGMT Group, and Heathers Artist Management), but QTTF is unique in its cross-continental approach of operating on North America, UK, and Europe simultaneously. I also think QTTF is unique with its horizontal team structure and low hierarchies.

What’s your current favourite band?

Uh, that’s a tough choice. Judging by impact and sheer listening hours over the years, that would either be Kermes or Foxing. Judging by recent impact and listening hours, I’ll say Mannequin Pussy. All of them are amazing in their own ways.


Name your top 3 records of all time.

1. Nearer My God - Foxing

2. Paramore - Paramore

3. Talk Of Violence - Petrol Girls


Name 3 marginalized music industry people you look up to.

1. Sarah Levy (Pity Party)

2. Zahra Haji Fath Ali Tehrani (Young Women’s Music Project, Despicable Zee)

3. Alex Lichtenauer (Get Better Records)