Photo: Caroline Julia Moore

Photo: Gavin Morrow



tAngerinecAt are two non-binary anarcho-queer feminists, activists and multi-instrumentalists who create DIY electronic music with a huge range of influences: from punk and EDM, through doom-metal, to Carpathian ethnic music.

Eugene, a migrant and C-PTSD survivor from Ukraine, who was trained as an orchestral conductor, has been writing songs and performing since early childhood as a way to survive by rethinking their circumstances, protesting, and creating an opposing reality. Together with Paul they formed tAngerinecAt in Ukraine in 2008, and have been based in UK since 2016. Over the years they have diligently honed their craft and built up a fan-base by performing everywhere and as often as they could, and have toured extensively in Ukraine, Russia and UK, whilst releasing four albums.

In their music hurdy-gurdy, loops, samples, woodwinds, haunting textured vocals, synth voices and pounding electronic dance beats come together to form a powerful well-constructed whole, imparting a cathartic live show experience which is even further exemplified by Eugene's deeply personal lyrics tackling themes of severe trauma, childhood abuse, poverty, gender inequality, dehumanization, stigma, persecution, and the challenges of being a migrant from a poor post-Soviet country at war.

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