About Us

We're a queer-run artist management and touring company that prioritizes queer, BIPOC, female, and disabled musicians and performers and advocates for safer spaces. Our mission is to make the touring community and the music industry safer and more inclusive for marginalized artists who often face discrimination in music. We operate all over North America, UK, and Europe. We offer artist management, PR services, tour booking, and crew services at affordable rates.

Current Artists
The Queers to the Front Podcast

On the Queers to the Front Podcast, we invite marginalized artists and crew to discuss getting started in music, networking, accessibility and so much more. Tune in for new episodes every second Saturday!


We like creating community playlists and spotlighting our artists as well as other kickass marginalized musicians out there for people to explore!

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Hi! We’re an artist management & touring company prioritizing marginalized artists & advocating for safer spaces. Let's be friends!

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