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We like creating community playlists and spotlighting our artists as well as other kickass marginalized musicians out there for people to explore!

Marginalized Voices of Music - Playlist

Marginalized Voices of Music

​Radical change in the music industry is coming. To capture some of it, we asked queer, BIPOC, female, and disabled artists to send us their music. Enjoy the result!

Queers to the Front Essentials - Playlist. Credits - Luke Phillips

The Essentials

​Are you looking for a playlist to give you comfort, keep you company, and make you feel all warm and cozy? We’ve got you with our playlist “the essentials”, featuring QTTF artists we’ve worked with. 

Queers to the Front - Mask Up, Listen Up Playlist

Mask up, Listen Up

Ever wondered what Queers to the Front Booking founder Maja listens to in her free time? Look no further than our playlist “Mask Up, Listen Up” featuring a selection of her favorite songs throughout the pandemic as part of our new segment “Mask Up, Listen Up - Quarantine Playlists from the QTTF team”

Queers to the Front - Community Faves for Chaotic Gays Playlist

Community Faves for Chaotic Gays

We also like to stay in touch with our community, so for the end of the hellhole of the year 2020 we asked our fans and followers to send us their best recommendations and their favorite music of the year. Sit back, grab a hot beverage & enjoy the QTTF "Community Faves for Chaotic Gays!"

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