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​Artist Management & Music Business Consultancy

​Do you want to lift your band or your solo project to the next level? Do you need help with professionalization and feel overwhelmed with social media management and content creation, all whilst trying to develop a cohesive branding? Do you need help with tracking royalties, emails, and scheduling? Are you wondering how to still reach new audiences in COVID-19 times? Are you planning to release a record and you're overwhelmed? Do you want to reach new audiences and sell your record, but you’re out of ideas since the pandemic ruled touring out?


We can help! We offer a wide range of affordable services within Artist Management and Music Business Consultancy. Together with you, we want to build solid foundations and create sustainable long-term growth through online community building and alternative marketing strategies. We believe in quality over quantity and establishing genuine connections with fans and followers.


​Are you looking for help with your next regional, national, or overseas tour? Do you need help with travel logistics? Are you looking for support on the ground, tour management, merch management or other crew services? We’ve got you - let's chat about your plans!

Gear Rental

We have a full backline + instruments available for rental in Europe & UK. All gear is professionally maintained & serviced. Pick-up locations: Brighton, UK / Brussels, Belgium

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