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Our Mission

Queers to the Front is a queer-run artist management and touring agency representing queer, female, disabled, and BIPOC artists within the music industry. QTTF operates in North America, UK, and Europe, offering artist management, music business consultancy, tour management, and other crew services with the goal of creating transparent, affordable, and ethical work environments for artists and crew.


Since 2018, QTTF has made a name for itself as a booking and touring agency, booking and managing countless tours for artists anywhere from small bands on their first tour to established artists on larger tours all around North America, UK, and Europe. As 2020 threw all plans out the window, QTTF re-branded and started a new venture into artist management. Over the years, QTTF has become an internationally established company and put many artists from underserved communities on the radar. QTTF advocates for safer spaces and takes a strong stand in fighting racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, classism, and all other forms of discrimination.

What do we want?

We want radical and fundamental change within the music industry. We are tired of an industry catering to white, cis-male artists. We want an industry that uplifts underrepresented voices – we want to see women, BIPOC, disabled folks, queer folks, trans people, non-binary people on every stage and behind every stage around the world. We want every marginalized person – artists, tour managers, drivers, merch managers, photographers, promoters, stage techs, light techs, sound techs, and every crew member – to feel safe and comfortable.


We want an end to gatekeeping. We want marginalized folks in leading roles. We want festivals that represent every voice, not just a sea of white men. We want accountability and zero tolerance for predators. We want Spotify and every other streaming service to pay artists fairly. We want accessibility in sprinter vans, tour buses, venue restrooms, and every stage. We want every marginalized teen around the world to pick up an instrument and be given the same opportunities along the way.


We want a fair and equitable music industry for everybody. We are just one in many emerging organizations questioning the status quo.

All we want is everything.

Join us in our mission, and let’s do this together.

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